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Akowe is building the one true source for verified and verifiable academic records. We would be launching our Certificate Verification Services and Transcript Request Services in a few weeks, please leave us your details so that we can notify you when we launch.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Akowe currently offers two different services. Digital Issuance of certificates and Verification of existing certificates or academic records.

Physical records are easily forged and duplicated. Digital records stored on the blockchain are tamper-proof, leading to a higher trust factor for your credentials. When you upload your credentials to Akowe, we work with your school or institution to verify the authenticity save your verified credential on the blockchain.

Your academic records remain your sole property even after listing them on Akowe. You will be able to share your credentials via social media to your networks or share the unique links to your credentials via email to potential employers.

Akowe can help you issue certificates in bulk to any number of recipients in three simple steps. 

1. You upload your already designed certificate, following our guidelines

2. Upload your list of recipients as an Excel sheet. (Downloadable sample available in your dashboard when you sign up)

3. Send! Akowe will create each certificate and email it to each recipient. We are currently able to issue up to 1,000 certificates in 30 minutes

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Yes, we will be launching the Transcripts service in a few weeks. Please fill out your information above to get notified.

It is totally free to signup and list your academic records on Akowe. Authentication of your records with your school, however, is a paid service. It will be affordable and stress free.

Yes you can. Please fill out the form above to get notified when we launch the service.